This Thanksgiving: Let Them Eat Pizza!


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Those schools, bands, sports teams, churches, groups who hold our Plus Pizza Card Fundraising program over a holiday period are very successful in their fundraising efforts. The reason is simple: during a holiday period your group members will see many of your relatives and friends that they would not ordinarily see. This presents a perfect opportunity to ask them to make a small purchase of a pizza card (or whatever else you might be offering to fundraise for your group fundraiser).

Contrary to popular wisdom, the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is an ideal time to fundraise. People are busy shopping for holiday gifts but they are also looking for unique gifts, stocking stuffers, party gifts, etc. Your school, band, team, group fundraiser is the perfect answer for these unique gift shoppers.

If your fundraising product is one that is easy to handle such as the Plus Pizza Card, group members can encourage purchasers to purchase additional pizza cards to give as gifts.

As a matter of fact, one fundraising group participant encouraged a local real estate business to include a business card sized Plus Pizza Card in their holiday cards. This resulted in 78 cards being sold to this realtor who used the pizza cards as a public relations gesture to help the group fundraise and to also remind her clients that she cared enough about them to provide them with free pizzas over the entire year. A pizza card will usually be able to be used for an entire year to get 20 free pizzas on a “buy one, get one" basis. And, best of all, each pizza card is purchased for only $10 dollars (with your group making $7-$9 in profits per card sold based upon group sales).

So, this Thanksgiving (through the holidays), run a successful fundraiser. Ask relatives, friends and neighbors, want some pizza (pizza cards, that is) with that turkey?


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