Make Your Own Attractive Dollhouse Shingles


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Grab that piece of old Cedar and make your own dollhouse shingles. Follow these quick and easy steps:

First, begin with a 1 and ½ inch wide, ½ inch thick piece of cedar that is at least a foot long for ease of handling.

Second, using your band saw, every ¾ of an inch, make a one inch deep cut into the 1&1/2 inch width along the foot long side. Your piece will resemble a long thick comb.

Next. at the top outside edge of each 1 inch cut, rout a V groove using a V groove bit to get an angled effect for each shingle. Picture a beveled edge on each tooth of the comb.

Finally, using your band saw again, rip 1/8 inch strips along the full foot length for a thin comb effect. A single point fence will help you maintain the 1/8th inch thickness. A course tooth saw blade will help to gain that rough sawn look.

And now, your shingles are ready to go. Just cut them to the required lengths, layer them to get your desired look and hot glue them in place.

To add character and a more weathered appearance to your house, apply a paint wash by watering down shades of brown or gray acrylic paint and broad brushing it on the shingles. Add more detail by painting veins on some of the shingles with a very fine brush and applying another wash. This layering of washes provides depth. For more contrast, spray an adhesive on several spots and throw on some fake green moss for an aging effect.

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