Hire Professional Loaders – Not Family or Friends – for Your Next Move


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I have moved many times in my adult life. From college into my early twenties, my family and friends helped out, providing the truck and serving as loaders. Once I got to be a bit older – and had purchased adult furniture and more expensive electronics – I began using professional moving help. I love my brother, but if he were to drop my flat-screen TV, it would be me picking up the pieces and purchasing a replacement, not him.

There are several reasons to hire professional packing help and loaders. And, I don't think my family minds much that they are no longer asked to help. Next time you need to move, whether across town or across the country, consider the following: Professional movers know what they are doing.

They do this for a living, every day, all year. They provide packing help, boxing up your items so that they don't break during transport. How many times have you opened a box to find that your favorite wine glasses didn't survive a move. Hiring professional packing help also helps the environment, as they know the most efficient ways to pack and therefore use less boxes than you would, were you to pack your items yourself. They also load and unload more quickly. Professional loaders have a system that reduces the number of hours spent loading and unloading a truck.

Professional movers are insured. Once I purchased my first bedroom furniture set, I knew there was no way I would let friends or family move such expensive pieces. With professional moving help, you have the best chance of getting your furniture from your old home to your new home without scratches or dents.

If something does happen, professional moving help has insurance that covers the damages. Try asking your friend, who offered to help you move for the beer and pizza, to pay for repairs to items he damaged during a move. Professional movers offer a variety of options.

Need a crew to provide packing help, then serve as loaders and unloaders? Or, do you want to pack yourself and just need loaders and unloaders. Or, you might just need loaders and unloaders for the big stuff you can't carry. Whatever the combination of services, professional moving help has a solution that will fit your plan and budget.

Combining professional moving help with truck rental can also be less expensive than hiring one moving company to do it all. About Dolly Mello: Between her college years and now, Dolly has moved dozens of times and finds that hiring professional moving help is the only way to go. If she has time to do it properly, she will pack everything herself, but more than once she has hired professionals to handle all aspects of a move. When she does, she finds little to no damage to her household items thanks to the packing help a professional moving company provides.


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