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If you have a sunroom you are probably wondering how much airflow is needed to maintain reasonable temperatures. If you're using a fan you will notice the difference between the inside and outside the room. For example, if it's only 40° outside any fan can cool a room fast, but if it's 90° inside and 80° outside is going to take a lot longer. Some other factors that affect cooling of rooms are the type of sunroom ventilation that you use as well as the number of hours of sunlight and the thermal mass space. When the sun is directly overhead is the hardest time to control the temperature in your sunroom. If the sun is at a steep angle it is reflected off the glass and therefore the room stays lot cooler.

The materials you have in your sunroom can affect the heat that your sunroom retains. Slab floors and moist earth planters are very good at absorbing heat and they usually absorb heat each morning and help keep the room cool. Then in the evening they will give off this heat to help warm the room again. This is the main reason that even big fans can't cool down a room. You have that have a good ventilation system in order to keep your room at a comfortable temperature all during the day

To ventilate a sunroom properly you have to have some kind of ventilation system installed. Ventilation is meant to move the air through your sunroom while keeping it cool and refreshing. It should also clean the air in your sunroom. Ventilation should be considered for both supply and exhaust. There are many kinds of ventilation installations on today's market that can help you with the ventilation in your sunroom, to keep it cool when it's hot outside and keep it warm when it's cooler. You just have to do the research to find the one that will work best for you.

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