How to Build a Deck


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To build a deck, there are many options to consider in materials and plans. If you are using pressure treated wood for your deck, you first have to draw up your plans for the size. You may need flashing if you are attaching the deck to your house. To do this you score the flashing and use tin snips to cut it. Make sure your measurements are correct to fit it properly around your door because this will help to protect your house in any place that your deck is touching. The flashing has to be attached up under your siding.  

Start from the ground up with the foundation. For a deck, these are usually concrete pad or installed footers. If your using footers, make sure you are using the right size depending on the size of your deck. On top of the footers, install posts to support the weight of the deck, notch out a post and put a temporary one in place. Then get the post plum and level. Mark out the position of this temporary post, remove this post and replace it with a permanent post. Beams are attached to the post to help carry the weight.  

The joists go next between the beams to help distribute the weight evenly and help hold up the deck boards. They will have a natural arch so make sure you attach them with arch facing up. It is also important to have the joist flush with the beam and you should use joist hangers, as this will strengthen your deck immensely.  

Now comes the decking. Span the boards over the joist and install the floor. Handrails are optional, but it is advised for safety to have them installed. Balusters or spindles can also add a great deal of beauty to any deck. Now that your deck is built you have nothing left but painting or staining the wood, placing the furniture on it and sitting back to admire your work.

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