Why You Should Invest In An Air Purifier


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Do you know the air in your home has ten times more pollutants and allergens than the air outside? The reason is because the air in your home is not circulating. As a result, people with sensitive noses and those with respiratory problems may feel uncomfortable.

A good air purifier can solve the problem. It helps to circulate the air in your home and filter the pollutants, dust and allergens leaving the air clean and healthy to breathe. A good air purifier can also get rid of bad odors in the house.

However, there are many brands of air purifiers available on the market. The prices can also vary from less than $100 to more than $3000. So how do you pick an air purifier that is suitable for your needs?

There are a few points to take note when buying an air purifier.

You might want to check the MERV rating of the air purifier. The MERV rating is a standard that is used to measure the efficiency of an air purifier. A rating of 6 to 12 is considered good. This rating should be stated on the box of the air purifier.

Another indicator of a good air purifier is the CADR rating. It is a rating that can tell you the rate at which clean air is delivered. Generally, the higher the number, the better. It is also more expensive. On most air purifier boxes, it is usually measured against three contaminants namely, smoke, pollen and dust.

Another important factor is the air filter. You may need to factor in the cost of replacing the air filter since it is a consumable item. Some air filters for certain brands can be expensive too.

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