Christmas Games Any Age Can Enjoy

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Christmas is a time of getting together and having a great time with those family and friends of all ages that you love to be around. Here are two Christmas games of all ages to ensure that everyone’s bellies shake when they laugh like a bowl full of jelly.

1. Pin the Nose on the Reindeer. This Christmas game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, only instead of drawing a cute little donkey who is missing his tail, draw a reindeer who needs his bright red nose. Pin it at the proper height for the smallest guest to be successful in placing the nose back in place. Adult guests that play will need to do it on their knees, which can only make it even more fun to watch. The storyline to explain the game to the children goes something like this: Oh No! Rudolph caught a very bad cold that had him sneezing something awful. In fact he sneezed so hard that he sneezed the red light right off the tip of his reindeer nose. Each guest (of course this works best for the little ones) needs to look around the room and find a previously hidden red circle nose. Then, they get to put a blindfold on, get spun around three times and try to Pin the Nose on the Reindeer. Will someone help Rudolph light Santa’s way, or will he just look like he got a case of the measles?

2. That’s a Wrap - Christmas Style! Divide the guests into teams of 2. You will need a small box, some tape, a small piece of wrapping paper (that will cover the box), a curling ribbon, a gift tag and a pen for each team. Each team member will be required to put one arm behind their back. Then using only one hand each, the teams will take the box, tape it up, wrap it, put a ribbon and gift tag on it addressed to Santa. The first team to complete the task of wrapping the gift wins! Teamwork will make or break a team’s success.

Although the tough competition will certainly drive some guests to think of ways to win the game; remember to laugh and have fun, after all, it’s Christmas!

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