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The perfect solution to a fun and lively outdoor activity or, why not, indoor activities like family reunions, dinners, special events is the grill. We all know it, we all love it, but what are the types of grills and what tips can you get for buying, maintaining or fueling it.

Grilling is a healthy alternative (and a cheap one) to fried products. When going to a forest, at the countryside or even your backyard it is recommended that you grill often.

Grills, as you may know come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. Ranging from round grills to rectangular and square ones; from charcoal to liquid propane gas fueled its hard not to find something that suits your needs. The charcoal grill is usually the cheapest one out there with prices starting from 30 dollars to 300, if you prefer a more professional utility. The electric grill costs around 150-500 dollars, but there are portable electric grills that are cheaper (40-150 dollars). In the final, a gas grill is a bit expensive, but the number of services it provides is considerable bigger compared to the other types. The price is around 500 dollars for a decent grill, but it can go up to as much as 1000. Portable gas grills are very popular; especially the ones using propane tanks, they cost around 150 dollars. Of course, the prices aren’t fixed, but vary due to some certain factors of which: quality, power, size, brand, accessories.

When buying a grill you must keep in mind these simple guidelines:

-buy only what you need, don’t buy a grill that is too big or has too much power

-make sure the hoses are long enough (in case of a gas grill)

-check the user manual to see if it’s comprehensive enough

-see how good the manufacturing’s company customer service is

Don’t just buy the first grill you see when walking in a store, the market is very wide, therefore you can choose from a lot of products, some of them may be cheaper even if the quality is the same. This happens with less advertised brands, trying to struggle they reduce the prices, but it’s not a total guarantee that you will own a nice working grill. Another tip when buying a grill would be to compare two types, this way you will definitely see the quality/price status.

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