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The Hose Pipes are becoming more and more important in our Lives. We are using them in countless ways and their utility is too much to be ignored.

We have Hose Pipes everywhere including in Houses, Offices, Factories and Agricultural lands etc. They help us in transporting of all kinds of fluids from one place to another. The advent of Hose Pipes has helped in making the Fluids they carry especially the Water to do many more things that were not thought some twenty –five years ago.

One of the most used Place of a Hose pipe is the Garden, and the Hose Pipe happens to be one of the widely used as well as important innovation for the Gardeners. Invariably all the Houses that have Gardens have Hose Pipes for supplying water to the Plants. Without Hose Pipes man would have had to carry the Water from the Tap to the Plant. The nature of the Hose Pipe itself being very flexible and light weight has become the most ideal Garden watering accessory.

The Modern Advancements in the manufacturing techniques and the emergence of new materials like PVC, and other Plastic and Polymer based Compounds has made possible for making the Hose pipes in different Shapes, different types and different sizes to suit all the applications they are put today.

The Garden is the place where we are putting a Hose pipe to the basic service of watering the Plants and for supplying of Water to grasslands. Various modes of irrigation like Drip irrigation, Sprinkler irrigation etc could not have developed this much but for the development of the Hose Pipes and the fittings for the same. Now any type of irrigation or Water application system can be easily designed and implemented with the whole range of Hose pipes and fittings.

Early Hose pipes were made of Rubber – and were very heavy hence they cannot be used easily and their life too was very limited as they got easily damaged due to rough handling. The damages are also could not be repaired easily. Above all not many types of fittings for the Rubber Hose Pipes were available curtailing the uses of the Rubber Hose Pipes. Nowadays the Hose Pipes are made of Plastic or Vinyl material that is very light Weight but they can be handled very easily. Due to the easy availability of cheap fittings for different applications the use of the Hose Pipes are increasing every day.

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