Types of Using Irrigation Systems

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When it comes to irrigation products for residential, agricultural and commercial purposes, customers often have a hard time figuring out what product they should be having installed at their location. Even if you have found a quality company, such as CQ Pump & Irrigation, to visit your location and complete the installation of water pumps in the Central Highlands, you are going to need to figure out the type of system you want installed at your location. With that in mind, we can take a look at some of the different irrigation products and systems that are available, along with the type of uses that make sense for each system.

Center Pivot Irrigation

A slightly older system, the center pivot irrigation system consists of steel pipes that are joined together and supported with trusses, with the pipes mounted onto towers with wheels. These towers are set in certain positions, with sprinklers added on top. The towers move in a circular motion, ensuring the sprinklers get water to every part of the area in an even manner. These systems are more common in an agricultural or industrial setting, as they are fairly unnecessary for parks or home gardens.

Drip Irrigation

Many experts will tell you that a drip irrigation system is the most efficient way to get water to the grass and plants at your location. When the installation of the system, along with the installation of tanks and water pumps in the Central Highlands, is completed by a company who knows what they are doing, you are going to end up using far less water on an annual basis. Companies such as CQ Pump & Irrigation are happy to assist in the installation and irrigation equipment servicing of these systems.

Sprinkler Systems

The outer portions of sprinkler systems are what you probably see at most homes and office buildings in the area. With most of the system buried underground, the only part you will see is the sprinklers and spray guns. These systems are great for parks, sports fields, gardens and green areas around office buildings. They are easy to install, and the installation company often provides irrigation equipment servicing if you ever run into any problems with your sprinkler system. Keep in mind, even a sprinkler system is going to require the proper installation of pumps and water tanks in the Central Highlands.

Rotary Systems

When the surface area that needs watering is too large for a sprinkler system to work effectively, the rotary system is a good alternative. The base units of this system is similar to a sprinkler system, which means you will have to get the installation of pumps water tanks in the Central Highlands completed by a top company. However, the front-end of the system uses larger, more maneuverable sprinklers that are capable of reaching distances as far as 100 feet at a time. The rotary system is a great way to get sufficient water to a larger surface area without sacrificing cost-effectiveness or water usage.

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