The Benefits Of Using A Realtor Lock Box

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The realtor lock box may look like something insignificant but it plays a very important role especially in the real estate industry. With a realtor lock box, all unwanted intruders are kept away but any licensed property agent can easily have access. This is especially important when you have a property that is on sale and you want to allow the property agents to have easy access in order to show any potential buyer what the house looks like. There are homeowners who are sometimes afraid of leaving electronic locks boxes at their front doors especially in a vacant house. However, it is good to know that this is a modern lock box system that you can use confidently without any reason to worry.

A custom lock box provides a secure means through which the appointed real estate agent will walk into the house with a potential client; lock boxes originated in the 1970s when they used to be operated using a small key. However, these days there are at least two different types of lock box that are in use. There is a simple mechanical lock box that has a dial or discs by which means a combination of numbers and letters are entered. Anyone that has been given the code or combination, whether they are real estate agents or not will be able to access the house; the other one is the electronic lock box that comes into play in the 1990s. This is a special type of lock box because it can easily record access be any agent.

The type of mechanism that is used in the electronic lock box can only be unlocked when someone enters a special code on the keypad or when a synchronized cell phone or electronic key are pointed at it. It is an open secret that a home on the listing that has a custom lock box will get more viewings than those houses that have to wait for an appointment before viewing can be arranged. For this type of lock, only the authorized members of a local realtor association can have access. You may also find the basic lock box that is key safes for holding a key to the house that is on sale.

If you want a realtor lock box, you can talk to your realtor but their prices will depend on listing services together with sales tax; most reputable real estate agents will almost always provide lockbox to property sellers. You don’t necessarily have to place the realtor lockbox at your front door; you can always choose a different designated area so that it doesn’t become too obvious that a particular house is actually vacant. There are realtors who prefer placing the lockbox at a place where it is easily seen from the road while others prefer secluded places such as the electric or gas meter.

About the author: This article is penned by Lora Davis for Nu Set, a company that's in the business of manufacturing customized locks for all kinds of uses.


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