Creating an Outdoor Living Space

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Today, an outdoor living space is no longer a table and chairs on a patio or a couple of chairs on the front porch. They are more of a designer space and look to be an extension of the regular home where you can unwind, relax, and entertain friends and family. An outdoor space has many elements going into it. The type and choice of these elements will vary and depend on the homeowner’s personal taste. It can be modern, contemporary, or rustic. You should also include plants to sit around the area like ferns or roses on a trellis. If you like wind chimes hang a set in the middle of the space.


Where your outdoor living space will be located is important. Are you going to make a patio or are you going to make it an extension to your home’s kitchen. It could even be a space beside a pool. Based on the location you can create a beautiful outdoor setting and it can help you decide what the remaining elements will include.


When looking at coverings, this is what goes over the top of your living space. It could be something as simple as an awning or as fancy as a pergola, which allows the sun’s rays to filter through and give you warmth on a cool fall morning.


The flooring that is going to be used for your outdoor living space has to be very resilient. This does not mean that your flooring has to be ugly as there are a variety of hardwood flooring that is made for the outdoors. A more eco-friendly type of flooring is bamboo. Slate or stone will give your living space a rustic exterior. If your living space is by a pool you could use mosaic to give the space a tropical feeling. These are just a few of the flooring options you can have.


What furniture is used in your outdoor living space will be determined by the space you have and the style or theme you are setting. There are many choices such as using a full sofa with cushions. There is also light bamboo furniture. If your living space is just an area to relax and unwind but not for cooking you could opt to have small end tables instead of a larger dining table. If the framing is strong enough you could put in a hammock or a swing. You can use stools, comfortable chairs, or even bean bags. Just do not clutter the space and allow room to walk.


Many people prefer dim yellow lighting to create a warm cozy feel to your outdoor living space. You can also use hanging lanterns and lamps or even string lights.

Another common thing that people want with their outdoor living space is a fireplace . When you have an outdoor kitchen or living space you would want a fireplace installed in case the region experiences even mildly cold weather. This way you would be able to enjoy the outdoor space in your home during winters too.


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