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Both rats and mice will invade your home in search of food and shelter. Even though mice typically live far away from human populations, during colder weather the mice will try to find their way into any structure in search of food and shelter. Drought is also another reason why these pests move as they search for water; their continuous gnawing causes a lot of damage to structures and property. When all is said and done, mice control by pest control services is important because of several important reasons.

Rats and mice are very destructive and they have the capacity to destroy and contaminate huge amounts of food and other items that are in storage but worse still, they are carriers of a number of dangerous diseases that they can easily pass along to human beings. Apart from gnawing and damaging structures and property, house mice will also eat up food that is meant for humans and pets; they will also contaminate your food preparation areas with their feces that contain bacteria that can cause food poisoning. This is among the reasons why rat control and even removing rat droppings should be done very cautiously.

Rodent droppings and the dust that surrounds them contains disease-causing organisms that are can be harmful to humans and pets. These rodents have also been known to cause fires every year by gnawing through electrical wires and causing short circuits. Enough cannot be said about data loss and downtime when they gnaw through telephone and other communication network cables. They are also destructive to any stored products and especially textiles and clothing because they can gnaw on them or use the garments to line their nests.

According to Pest control NJ experts, fresh tracks, and gnawing, droppings should be a clear sign that there are mice that are active in your area; these dropping usually contain large numbers of disease-causing bacteria. In addition to that, the infestation will also open a floodgate of other pest problems such as fleas for example. You will rarely see mice during the day but if you see signs of their droppings and other signs that they have been chewing into your food containers, you need to take quick action and contact the nearest pest control companies.

It is an open secret that if you have a large infestation of mice or rats, do-it-yourself mice control or rat control will not bear any fruits. You want to make sure that you contact professional pest control NYC experts who have the expertise in rat and mice extermination. The best part of dealing with an exterminator NYC is that you will manage all the related rodent issues once and for all; this includes the identification of the source and all the way to the removal of the dead pests with a level of effectiveness.

Author the author: This article is penned by Lora Davis for Titan Pest Control. The company is a New Jersey based pest control company that offers the best services for mice control, rat and mosquito control.


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