How to Get Rid of Squirrels


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If your grandfather clock points to 12 midnight and the lights in your home start to go “on and off", it's less likely to be some haunting spirit sending you a message from the grave. In this modern age, it must be a squirrel munching or hanging upside down your electric cables. They might get electrocuted for doing this and your wallet will sure suffer some heavy dents as well. Imagine the bill you have to pay for for calling an electrician to fix those electric wires, which is little consolation even if you see a dead squirrel in the morning.

Many complaints about squirrels are about their great desire to “gnaw" stuff. They seem to know which stuff to “gnaw" that will annoy you the most. Of course, if you refer to all the heavy zoological books in the library, “gnawing" is the squirrels special way of remodeling their homes.

They love to create holes by chewing the fascias and sidings of your house. For them, your house is the candy house of Hansel and Gretel. The parts of your house are their favorite pickings and you would be the wicked witch who wants to get rid of them. Once these rodents create that cute hole in your house, it's their home sweet home and expect them to bring in some NESTING MATERIAL!

Squirrels are another dilemma for people who like birds. Squirrels are the number one culprit of bird feeder disturbances. They steal the birdseeds, and more often, destroy the feeder itself. If you have flower gardens and manicured lawns, lucky you. Squirrels love to dig into such gardens in search of nuts.

The worst part about a squirrel living inside your house? It reeks. Every house needs a toilet and squirrels are shameless when they have to urinate or take a dump. They can also live inside your couch which is too bad if your couch is worth a thousand dollars, upholstered in Italian silk. They are also known to carry ticks and fleas.

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how to get rid of squirrels

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