Boric Acid - The Best Roach Killer


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Roaches are a disgusting nightmare when you don't know how to get rid of them. Fortunately there is a low toxic effective solution : Boric Acid.

Why It's The Best

There are two primary reasons boric acid is the best.

1- Roaches can't develop immunity to the acid. Roaches have a waxy substance on them that holds in moisture. Boric acid eats off the wax and it dehydrates the roach.

2- Roaches take the Boric Acid back to the nest. Boric acid is so benign (according to epa) that the roaches do not realize they are in trouble. Once a female roach begins to die she will drop an egg casing. The newly hatched roaches will die quickly from the boric acid from the female mother.

What Type of Boric Acid to Use?

The best form is in a paste. It is white and is similar in thickness to toothpaste. You simply put a small dab under counters and crevices or anywhere you think the roaches are. The paste has attractants in it. The roaches will come to eat the paste and take it back to the nest. The paste will get rid of roaches for up to one year. It's very effective if people live somewhat clean. Roaches will be eliminated in one application.

Boric Acid Dust

Most boric acid is sold in a powder form. This is they type you typically buy from big box retailers. It does kill roaches, but is not as effective. You have to be sure you know where the roaches walk. In addition, if you can't get to the right spots you can not eliminate the roaches. The other factor is do you want boric acid dust all over your house? I have personally used the dust and not had good success with it.

MRF 2000

MRF 2000 is a proprietary boric acid paste that is used by many pest control companies worldwide. It is available in limited supply for public use.

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