Starburst Deck Railing For the Contemporary Design


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Put Some Variety in Your Deck

Decks and porches have risen in popularity in recent years with more people spending their spare time outdoors, whether relaxing and cooking out with the family or entertaining friends. The deck is a place everyone likes to relax on warm sunny days. Decks are built in more than the traditional style today. A popular style for those that enjoy a contemporary look is the starburst deck railing. Starburst deck railing is also the railing of choice for those that want a little more privacy.

Starburst Railing Design

For those that are unfamiliar with the looks of the starburst railing design, it's a unique design where the balusters are arranged in a way that makes them look like spindles are coming from the center of the bottom railing. They fan out as they go up to the top rail. They have a very distinguished look and are often used in combination with other railing styles.

Although wood or wrought iron are the most commonly used materials for the starburst railing design, other materials such as aluminum are also used. If you are making your own starburst railing design, you'll find that it is quite easy using wood as the material for your construction. The first step is using screwing 2"X2" wood spindles next to each other in the center of the bottom railing between each post. Make sure they are evenly spaced along the top rail. Certain building codes may apply in your area so check these out before you begin your construction. For instance, most codes require no more than 4" between the bottom rail of your starburst and the deck floor. There cannot be more than 4" between the spindles either.

Using Starburst Railing Designs With Other Designs

There are many variations you can use when creating a starburst railing design. One version involves fixing the bottom ends of the spindle to the periphery of the wood and shaping them in a half circle, which is fixed to the bottom rail. The shapely spindles on the top are attached to the top rail to portray the starburst shape. Make the cap rail large enough for drinks, glasses or ashtrays.

Starburst rail designs are beautiful whether they're used as a style on their own or in combination with other styles. The starburst deck railing can be added to a basic deck to give it a more contemporary feel and look. Although you may like the appearance of the starburst deck railing, the amount of starbursts you'll use will be determined by the size of your deck.

Construction Materials for your Starburst Deck Railing

As we said, wood and wrought iron are the most commonly used materials for starburst deck railings in addition to aluminum. Aluminum is great because of its strength and durability. It's also very easy to maintain. Wrought iron and wood railings seem to blend harmoniously with any decorating style. Since your Starburst deck railing will be outdoors, the most important factor in selecting your material should be the resistance to certain weather conditions such as extreme heat, humidity and moisture.

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