DIY Home Painting Can Be A Nightmare

Kamil Jain

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It is an open secret that not every Tom, Dick and Harry can do a house painting San Diego project; this a challenging task that is labor intensive, messy and time-consuming. On the other hand, some people think that hiring a professional to do the work for you is a costly option in addition to the difficulty involved in trying to locate a reliable Sand Diego painting contractor.

DIY house painting can be physically challenging especially when you think about the ravages of trying to scrape off old paint before you can put a primer or the new paint on your walls. Scraping will involve trying to reach out to some extremely remote areas; this is part of the task that a lay person can only attempt to do is they are dealing with a tiny room and not the entire house. A large house requires a level of expertise that only a professional house painter San Diego and his crew can do effectively.

There is also a lot more work that is involved in surface preps, color selection, applying the paint and cleaning up at the end of the project than most people can care to believe. You need to have been trained in addition to having the right kind of equipment before you can take up a house painting San Diego as a DIY project. Otherwise, you will find yourself staring at a nightmare because many homeowners who attempt do-it-yourself house painting San Diego almost always end up breaking some important cardinal rules of home painting.

Some of the most common mistakes that are made by homeowners include failure to use a special primer when applying dark colors, applying paint to bare wood, applying paint over leaks and stains or failure to remove any old failing paint correctly. Once the mistakes have been made and some money has gone down the drain, the professional painter San Diego will be called anyway to come and repair the damage done at another cost as well. A nice paint job requires the use of specialized tools and equipment in addition to all the necessary skills that painters San Diego will acquire from many years of hands-on experience.

The only obvious benefit associated with DIY house painting San Diego may be the money you will save on your only direct costs will be buying paint and the equipment that is required. However, you want to remind yourself that while the paint is quite costly, you will need to buy or hire other equipment like ladders, sprayers, brushes and other tools that will bring in an additional cost and they are not simply cheap because you will most likely be paying a daily rate. Remember that even though labor costs can be seen to be high, when you do it on your own you are not covered by any form of insurance in case of injuries or property damage.

About the author: This article is penned by Lora Davis for Procoat Painting who are among the leading house painting contractors in San Diego City.


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