Stylish and Best Ceiling Fans- a Guide for Homeowners

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Indoor fans

Ceiling fans often have a typical shape that even a child could draw. However, with advancement in technology, various modern fan designs are now available for home buyers. These new designs bring contemporary fashion to the humble indoor ceiling fan. Casablanca Fans’ Bullet models come in a cylindrical motor casing with angular fan blades with finishes like brushed cocoa, brushed nickel and snow white. These also have an LED lamp for down lighting. Isotope fans by Casablanca have rounded edges and are specially designed for installation in low rooms. Modern Fan Company also makes a range of similar hugger fans like Aurora, Ball, Altus, Cirrus and Velo. Other contemporary models are Riello, Monte Carlo, FLO and SOL Solus.

Outdoor fans

These are designed to operate in extreme weather conditions like humidity and dampness without breaking down. The motors have moisture protection and are corrosion proof. These fans are suitable for semi covered areas like patios. Some of the popular models in this category are from Casablanca, Concord Fans, Minka Aire and Hunter. Buyers can also keep an eye out for outdoor fans like All Weather Collection by Ellington Fans, Union by Craftmade and Morton by Monte Carlo. Many model ranges have both indoor and outdoor variants so buyers can easily pick and choose matching designs.

Table and Floor Fans

This model often evokes the languid 1950s and 60s when they became popular in homes and offices all over America. Retro designs like Fanimation’s Fargo desktop fan are bringing back old fan styles to homes all over America. The Fargo model is a modern interpretationof the banker’s fan which threw air in all directions with blades mounted on a vertical axis in a spherical casing. Fanimation’s Fitzgerald desktop fan model has an unconventionally shaped blade casing. It can be easily wall mounted as well.

Floor Fans

These are useful for cooling a wider area compared to table fans and can be easily shifted for use in different rooms of the house. The Arden floor model is mounted on three walnut wood legs. The head of the fan has a three speed motor and 50-degree rotating capacity. This model can also be installed indoors for extra cooling especially on hot summer days. Minka Aire’s hassock model is an unconventional floor fan design that isn’t seen much in American homes these days. Hassock fans were popular in the years when air conditioning was not all-pervasive in homes. The fans unique design helped it push cold air from the floor toward the ceiling. The thick flat top of the equipment can also be used as a chair or a low table.

A well chosen ceiling fan combines aestheticism with function, so buyers can enjoy the benefits of low cost ventilation while also keeping their home decor contemporary and stylish.

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