Tips for Seasonal Air Conditioner Repairs

Lora Davis

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All homeowners know that every once in a while they have to burn the midnight oil looking for a heating and air conditioning repairs contractor. This will include those times when your furnace or air conditioning unit has malfunctioned and you have problems with the ductwork or the filters are clogged up. Getting a competent air conditioning installation contractor will help you sort out the problems; don’t be like most people who don’t know when they should be making that important call. The following simple guideline should give you an idea on when you should call for air conditioning repair Murrieta.

Spring: Spring is a good time to call heating and AC companies so they can do the annual maintenance and checkup of the HVAC system. Doing this during spring ensures that you beat the summer rush because you thought and acted ahead of time. Once all your systems have been given a stamp of approval by the technician, you can stay put in the knowledge that your air conditioner is ready to tackle summer without a hassle.

Summer: Summer is the busiest time for any contractors that offer heat and air conditioning service; what with all the distress calls coming in. If your air conditioner develops a problem during summer, this is when you can employ your few DIY air conditioning repair tips before you make that expensive distress call. You can start by cleaning the debris, dirt and dust from inside and around your HVAC system and make sure that the air filter is changed at least once a month. Ensure that the thermostat is in good condition so you can keep the temperatures just right. If there is a problem you are not able to solve, call in a heating and air conditioning repair contractor but be ready to wait since they are quite busy during this season.

End of summer and fall: As summer comes to an end, you should be calling the heating and air conditioning repair technician to talk about routine maintenance schedule for your furnace; this includes a general checkup and especially for the ductwork. By preparing your system during this time, you will again be jumping head of the crowd that waits until the last minute when the waiting list at the air conditioner repair service shop is a long one.

Winter: This is perhaps the worst time for any homeowner to try calling for air conditioning repair in Temecula or air conditioning repair in Menifee because the house will already be cold. Before you decide that it is your furnace that has malfunctioned, take a few moments to check the thermostat first before you call the professional just to make sure that everything is alright; take a look at the pilot light so you can be sure it has not blown out for one reason or another. Unlike what you will experience with the air conditioner repair, if your furnace develops a serious problem it requires some serious repair work and at worst it will also lead to some degree of home repairs.


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