How to Save on Air Conditioning Repairs

Lora Davis

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When warm weather gets around the corner, most people remember AC service Plantation FL. The installation of air conditioning systems is an expensive affair and, as a result, every homeowner needs to learn how they can best keep their unit running and in optimal condition. There are a few manageable ways to keep your AC repair Plantation, FL affordable so you don’t have to spend all your savings every time a technician from your local AC Company Plantation, FL, comes calling.

Clean or replace filters: One of the easiest ways to keep your air conditioning repairs to the barest minimum is to make sure that you replace the filters on a regular basis in addition to ensuring that they stay clean. Air filters are not expensive but the moment they are not in a good working condition they will force your unit to work harder and become more vulnerable to breaking down. Generally, air filters ought to be replaced at least once every three months but if you live in an area that is dusty or you have pets at home you may have to replace them monthly; this ensures that al the dust and dander are removed regularly. Ignoring such a simple procedure could mean you will spend more money when you call an air conditioning repair Plantation, FL expert.

Clean the area around the condenser: The part of your AC unit that remains outside is quite important; the area surrounding it should always be kept free from debris and growth that could easily damage it. Always make it a point to ensure that any garbage that can easily be sucked in by the coils or fan blades is removed. All grass has to be trimmed and if you have a hedge you should have it clipped so that the leaves and grass don’t block the airflow that is required by the condenser for it to operate optimally. You don’t have to be an AC contractor Plantation, FL to ensure that there are no toys or other kids items around the AC installation Plantation, FL; children are always attracted to play around the unit.

Avoid blocking off all rooms: There are homeowners who believe that you can enhance the airflow in the entire house by blocking all the vents in the rooms and especially the ones that are not in use; nothing could be further from the truth. Even though this may be a good way to deal with air flow, if you do it with your air conditioner on you will sooner than later have to call in an AC repair Plantation, FL expert to fix the damage that will occur on the system; when you call all the vents that air is forced to move in directions not intended and this damages the ducts.

About the author: this article is penned by Lora Davis for Twin Rivers AC & Refrigeration. The company is the no. #1 choice for residents of the city needing an air conditioning repair contractor.


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