Rustic Bar Stools Look Great in Homes

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If you are adding a mini bar to your home, consider adding a homely touch to the décor theme with custom made rustic bar stools. These bar stools are a welcome departure from contemporary metal designs. They are very comfortable to use too. With a commanding height and superb back support, guests can still be part of the conversation in these chairs. These designs can also be customized with variations in paint, finish and upholstery. These chairs can also be used with breakfast tables and sheltered patios. They are also great for seating performers for informal music sessions. Rustic stools add a lot of warmth and charm to the décor. Let’s look at the origins of the rustic design trend and some tips for choosing the right design for your home setup.

What is Rustic Decor?

Rustic furniture gets its inspiration from the handmade furniture cobbled together from packing crates by the pioneer American settlers in the 18th century. These pieces were made from necessity because homes would often be very far away from nearby outposts and roads and transport were not adequately developed yet. Wealthy vacationers from the cities were impressed by the rough and ready furniture and readily adopted the country built furniture in their vacation cottages and lodges. Rustic furniture uses very simple and straight lines with simple joinery and paint. The wood used is often reclaimed wood from old wooden barns which has an aged and weathered appearance. The impression of age and simplicity is heightened by the imaginative use of paints with a distressed finish.

Along with wood, beaten and aged metal sheets are also used for the chair back to add authenticity to the design. High placed cross joints let guests rest their feet without having to dangle them. This reduces fatigue.

Tips for choosing Rustic Bar Stools

Design of the Counter or Table

Rustic Bar Stools go well with wood finish bar counters and tables. Matte or distressed finish can be chosen for the furniture, for the authentic rustic look.

Available Space

There should be sufficient space for at least two bar stools and space for standing guests at the counter. For a table, four to six stools would be a sufficient number.


A simple padded removable cushion can be chosen for additional comfort. The color of the cushion can be coordinated with the rest of the décor for a pleasing effect.


Matte finish stools should be chosen for warm toned lighting to prevent unseemly glare. Light colored stools would go well with fluorescent lighting.

Where to buy

Rustic bar stools are available at most custom furniture outfits. These stools are made to order at the buyer’s specifications. Online retail sites let buyers customize details like color, wood type and finish before finalizing the order.

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