The Two Main Types of Hardwood Flooring

Lora Davis

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While many may have thought that it was going to fade and give way to new floor installation options, evidence seems to suggest the complete opposite; hardwood flooring seems to have gotten some new momentum with many new homeowners rediscovering its efficacy. There are good reasons why any home in the market that has hardwood flooring sells or rents faster than any other and it gives the owners a greater return in investment. Apart from the fact that it is aesthetically appealing, hardwood flooring is also long lasting; what with the fact that you can do hardwood floor refinishing every time you think it has started showing signs of aging. Hardwood flooring boards can in different sizes and are made from different types of trees but there are basically two different types that you may choose from.

Solid Hardwood floor: This is the most common type of hardwood flooring; since all the planks will come from one piece of wood, the resultant effect is that you can be sure that they will remain strong and will be long lasting. Solid hardwood flooring planks can be available in different types of wood and stains and can therefore be used in different rooms in the house. There are basically different types of solid hardwood flooring planks namely pre-finished and unfinished. The prefinished version is sanded and finished from the factory while the unfinished one will need some sanding work at your home as the installers are working on it.

The appearance and texture is as a result of the wood grain but if you want to ensure the longevity if your floor you are going to ensure that it is sanded and stained. With all the advantages of solid hardwood floor refinishing that we have mentioned, one thing you can be sure of about solid hardwood flooring is that you will pay a premium if you want to get the best. The best thing about it is that it will give your house an elegant look it deserves for such a long time. However, great care must be taken because solid hardwood flooring planks are very sensitive to moisture; they will start warping, shifting or swelling to such an extent that it cannot be repaired easily.

Engineered Hardwood Floor: This type of hardwood flooring involves the use of thin bonded strips of wood. After the flooring installation has been completed the floor gets topped with a layer of the wood grain of your choice. Different types of wood are used here such as cherry, red oak and maple among others. One of the main attractions of engineered hardwood flooring is that it is more affordable than solid hardwood flooring but similar to the latter it can also not be installed in rooms that are full of moisture. It is recommended that hardwood flooring is installed over concrete in order to mitigate the issues the floor has with moisture; it is also should be installed cross layer to prevent expanding. These two represent the most common types of hardwood flooring you can choose for your house; always trade with a reputable flooring company for results that can be trusted.


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