Some of the Different BBQ Cleaning Methods

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During the early part of the year, a journey around the garden leaves most homeowners staring at the remains of the previous year’s outdoor kitchen cooking activities. In most cases, the outdoor Bar-B-Que is left outside in the elements, uncovered, and in many cases have seen far better days. At the time of the year when you start thinking about cooking your favorite barbecue food outside during the warmer months with your friends and family; before you are ready to start throwing charcoal and fire-lighters onto the barbecue, it is time to turn your attention to BBQ cleaning in order to get things off to a hygienic start. There are different BBQ cleaning methods:

Wire brushing: A stiff wire brush is a huge help in BBQ cleaning. Simply give your rack a thorough scrubbing before and after each use. If you have used oil to coat your rack, getting the grill clean should be easy with a brush alone. Brass-bristle brushes are especially good for BBQ cleaning for porcelain-coated grills since they won't damage the porcelain.

Grill stones: Grill stones for BBQ cleaning are specially designed to help get grease and stuck-on food off of your grill. They look similar to a large pumice stone with a handle to help make scrubbing easier and are also an excellent heat convector like volcanic rock, ceramic tiles etc. The main difference with a grill stone is that it has no holes, and because of this feature, it greatly reduces the chance of flare-ups and poor cooking. Grill stones are capable of withstanding incredible heat, up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Grill stones are ideal for use on most shapes and sizes of grill as the stones design allows it to work with almost any grill format.

Burn off: This is one of the most common BBQ cleaning methods for grills/grates; all you that you need to do is leave your barbecue on after cooking after all your food has been removed. Once you have done this for around quarter of an hour, allow the grill to cool down for around 5 minutes and then use an old trowel, or flat piece of metal and gently scrape both sides of the grill to remove the sticky hard residue.

Soaking: When everything else has failed, you may want to let your grill racks soak in warm water will help loosen stubborn dirt and food remnants. This BBQ cleaning procedure can be good for getting the edges of your racks, which are often difficult to scrub properly, really clean.

Oil the grill: A good way to reduce the pain of BBQ services and cleaning is to prevent the worst of the residue from sticking to the grill in the first place. To do this, coat your rack with a layer of oil before you start to cook. This will help you to keep your food from burning and sticking to the grill and will also make cleaning the grill afterwards much easier. Remember to only spray oil onto a cold grill. Spraying onto a fire or hot grill will cause the oil to flare up and could cause serious injury.


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