Protecting Your Home Against Mold

Lora Davis

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In nature, mold breaks down dead materials for environmental purposes. However if mold is inside your home, it could cause potentially hazardous health risks for anyone in your family who suffers from respiratory issues or even people with no prior respiratory related issues at all amongst other things. Trying to completely abolish your homes of a pre-existing mold problems is highly unlikely due to it's nature. However you can perform care and maintenance to your home to reduce the amount of any existing mold your home may have and decrease the severity of potential health effects that it could carry. There are several method you can use to reduce the amount of mold in your home based on your own efforts though, in extreme cases it is highly recommended that you seek the help of a professional mold removal or water damage restoration company to accurately treat any mold in your home.

You can start cutting down on the amount of mold in your by home first, inspecting your home for the sources of mold. Precisely finding which areas in your home are causing the most trouble and where mold is the most prominent is the best way to start the process of mold removal in your home. Once you find the areas that are causing the most issues, you should measure the area surrounding the mold so that later before you perform the cleaning you can seal off the specified area to prevent any debris or particles affecting other areas in your home.

Once you have measured the precise area of the mold and have isolated it, move your furniture out of the way and cover it with plastic to ensure that none of the mold debris or dust particles come in contact with your items. To begin the mold removal start by placing safety goggles over your eyes as well as some sort of respiratory protection. Dealing with mold can be very dangerous and you want to ensure your safety at all times. Next you should apply a warm water and detergent solution to the affected areas by scrubbing gently over the mold using a sponge. Let the area sit and dry for about a 1hr, then come back and apply bleach to the area. Let the bleach sit and disinfect the mold-affected area then repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results.

For severe cases pertaining to mold that has affected a large area of your home, you may want to enlist the help of a professional water damage restoration to come out and apply professional cleaning application to your home. These companies generally have specified chemicals that are formulated to handle the exact problem at hand. Inadequate cleaning of your homes mold issue can cause serious issues further down the line. If you want to safeguard the health and life of your family with an absolute guarantee, contacting a professional to come to and handle your mold issue is highly recommended.

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