Installing a Residential Flagpole


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When choosing a residential flagpole, first decide on the site and desired height. Make sure you can see the flag from various angles. Is it so high that you have to crane your neck to see it? Is it so low that it is hiding behind a shrubbery? Choose something in between.

Next, choose your flagpole material. The most popular material for residential flagpoles is aluminum, for its high strength, low maintenance, low weight, and low cost. Fiberglass is the second most popular material, because it boasts a hard glossy gel coat finish that withstands most soiling and scratching.

Now choose either an external or internal halyard system. A halyard system is the means by which the flag is raised and lowered. It consists of a rope or cable threaded through a truck or pulley mechanism at the top. External halyard systems are rigged on the outside of the pole, locked in place by wrapping the rope or cable around a simple cleat at the base of the pole. Internal halyard systems are located on the inside of the pole, with a slot at the base for a special winch or handle. In areas where vandalism is a concern, choose an internal halyard system.

Finally, decide what color you want your pole to be, and whether you want to add custom ornaments, such as a finial or ball, eagle, or any other type of ornament.

When it comes time to install the flag itself, dig a hole. The size of the hole depends on the size of the flagpole. Wet down the hole and then fill it with concrete. Insert a steel groundsleeve into which the flag will be placed. Be sure that ten percent of the pole length is underground, and that the pole doesn’t touch the concrete, since concrete corrodes most flag materials. If you have any questions, consult the manufacturer before proceeding. In many cases, the manufacturer can install the flag for you.

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