Marketing Your MLM Business: Know What You Don't Know


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At times the harsh reality of the network marketing world is that many independent consultants, reps and distributors are teetering back and forth on the edge of failure. They may get frustrated when success doesn't come as quickly as they hoped and may contemplate quitting their business opportunity.

There are many reasons why some people make it, while others don't. Of course, some reasons can be out of the person's control; illness, for example. However, a primary reason for surviving distributors is that they are competent. They know about things, and they know how to use what they know to succeed. But, there's more to the story.

Dedicated and smart network marketers that survive in their businesses know what they don't know.

Knowing what you don't know is critical in marketing. This is because some network marketers don't really understand what marketing is, other than doing something to get a sale. Even top-producing, award-winning distributors, who may have mastered the art of selling better than most, will sometimes not know what marketing is.

You realize that some people will quit your downline and that it comes with the territory. Unfortunately, many distributors quit within their first 12 months. Their quitting probably wasn't because they were lazy or didn't appreciate the business opportunity. It may have been that they simply didn't know what marketing was, and tragically, made some bad marketing decisions.

They didn't know what they didn't know.

Admitting that you may be a little clueless about the newest marketing resources and most effective ways to market your business can be uncomfortable. After all, many of us hate to admit when we're clueless about something.

Yet, if you stop and look at the big picture, accepting that you might not know everything you should know about marketing is not ignorance; it's brave and smart. It's looking at your situation and taking the courageous steps to change it.
When a network marketer admits that he/she needs help or advice about marketing, it could be the wisest business decision they ever make; because it may be the one that creates financial success and keeps them in the business long-term.

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