Home Based Jobs For People With a Disabilities


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I know that this will not apply to everyone, but as a person with a disability when I came across this program, I felt that I had to share it. If you do not have a disability you can NOT apply to this company.

National Telecommuting Institute, Inc. (NTI) helps Americans with disabilities find to employers willing to hire people for home-based assignments.

NTI, is a non-profit organization, that was established in 1995 to assist individuals with disabilities who strongly prefer or require home-based work.

NTI does not charge any fees to people with disabilities. They receive their funding from participating state vocational rehabilitation agencies, a Projects with Industry grant from the U. S. Department of Education, and a grant from the Mott Foundation. In addition they are also a contractor under the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work program.

NTI's call center co-employers typically look for people who have both a pleasant manner on the phone and a clear speaking voice. Most people with average intelligence, reasonable social skills, and some basic computer skills can learn to perform call center work.

To actually enjoy the work, though, you should like helping people by answering their questions and solving their problems. You should also be able to handle the occasional rude or clueless customer without becoming upset yourself.

Approximately 10% of NTI's teleworkers are individuals with visual impairments. Virtually all of the jobs we find can be performed by individuals with visual impairments who need only 2 times magnification of normal font size. For those who use screen readers or require more than 2 times magnification of normal font size, the job match can be more challenging. Some employers are using software applications that are accessible while others are not. If you require more than 2 times magnification, let your NTI interviewer know during the screening interview so that we can work most effectively with you.



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