10 Home Based Business New Year's Resolutions

Sherry Tingley

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Resolution #1: Spend time on rejuvenating yourself

Listen to or read something positive every morning. Take an online self improvement course and actually make a practice of spending 15 minutes to get your mood set for the day. So many things distract us from our real goals and some mornings are just plain difficult to deal with. You’ll be surprised how much energy you can derive from just even reading one positive thing. “Make not your thought your prisons. ” William Shakespeare

Resolution #2: Visual what it is that you really want

Visualization is the precursor of reality. Jack Kilby, an electrical engineer working for Texas Instruments, designed a product, the integrated circuit that would one day support an electronic market of $1,275 billion dollars. “Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not. " - George Bernard Shaw

Resolution #3: Design a dream poster

Where ever it is that you hang out the most, create a poster with pictures on it of what you want to have happen in your life. Go crazy with this and let yourself dream again. Tell your practical self to take a vacation for a while and let the fun side remember again what it feels like to picture having what you want.

Resolution #4: If you don’t have an online business, choose one There are so many benefits to owning your own business. The tax benefits are worth the enrollment fees in a lot of cases. Decide on something you can feel passionate about. Your passion will drive you to success.

Resolution #5: Advertise by word of mouth

Tell your friends what you are doing. Word of mouth is the fastest way to get a business started. Don’t ignore this skill. Your lips are paid for. You might as well use them. Tell them your story.

Resolution #6: Make the most of the blogosphere

Like it or not, the blogging community is going to be around for a long time. If you haven’t heard anything about blogging, this is the time to find out. 2007 is sure to put a new wave of blogging on line that will be quite entertaining. Text blogging is evolving to video blogging. Find some places to visit. Go to Google.com and use their new tool “blog search. ” It will help you find topics you want to ‘blog’ about.

Resolution #7: Boomerang your comments

You might as well start using the boomerang principle now, because thousands of people are already doing it. For any comments you make or emails you send your signature file should contain a link back to where you want to invite people to go. Don’t leave out this critical success step.

Resolution #8: Create your top ten files

Begin writing down your top tens. Make these meaningful to you. For example, things you want, people you know, ezines you like, businesses you like, commercials you like, websites, ads, power words, inspirations. Start contacting some of the people behind these scenes and talk to them about their successes.

Resolution #9: Contribute a little of yourself

Donate an hour of your time writing something that you know about that will help other people. Submit your writing to be published on any of the article databases on the net. Try http://www.goarticles.com if you want somewhere to start and don’t forget to boomerang your readers back to your site with your signature file.

Resolution #10: Spend at least 30 minutes a day building your emailing list

Your emailing list is a list of addresses that you have permission to contact. The bigger this list is, the better. Make sure that people on your lists have a way to get off your list if they choose to. There are many places on the net that will host opt-in lists for you and manage them. I like http://www.getresponse.com. Your ability to contact people is crucial to you business success. “Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ” Thomas Edison

Sherry Tingley is an editorial assistant for a leading newspaper in Utah. She is a top recruiter in several successful online and offline businesses. She enjoys writing and helping people to reach their goals. Find out how to pick up your free copy of “Think and Grow Rich. " http://www.global-home-business.com


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