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Simply put, a home-based Internet business is a business that you conduct from home by publishing Internet content on your website. Your website can either sell a product or a service (e-commerce website) or provide information/software/news (content website) or make your visitors interact with each other (such as a bulletin board).

A home-based Internet business is much more than a business; it is a way of life. You do not have a boss, you do not have to commute, no fixed schedules, no routines and you are your own lord and master and you can move around in your shorts or pajamas the whole day with your near and dear ones around you all the time. All you need is the motivation and the drive of a businessman.

Having said that, running a home-based Internet business is no piece of cake. It has its own unique obstacles, realities and devils, which you need to overcome for it to run successfully and smoothly. Here are the problems encountered and the possible solutions you can adopt in order to run a successful home-based Internet business:

Problem 1: Statistics say that 95% of home-based Internet businesses flop in the first year.

Solution: First and foremost, never start a business in a field you are not proficient in. Start in an area that you are reasonably familiar with. For example, if you are a programmer, you can start a programming service website. If you are a medical representative, you can launch an online drug store, etc. Do not do anything that you may have to give up as fast as you started it. Conduct a market survey and check out the competition and freeze on what to sell or offer online before you jump into it or else you will become another statistic. Then analyze your home-based Internet business plan, turn it upside down and imagine the worst possible scenario before getting into it.

Problem 2: You do not know how to build your own web site.

Solution: The word programming puts the fear of God in many people who do not know how web pages are built. Web pages are built using HTML (hyper text markup language). It may sound big, but learning HTML is no big deal. Plus, the HTML software available in the market is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn. The Internet itself is a great resource to learn HTML. There are so many sites on the Internet that offer free HTML tutorials. All you need to do is just fire up a search engine and look for a tutorial.

Problem 3: You are unable to write sales-generating copy in your sales letters/emails.

Solution: This is a common problem and you are not alone and writing compelling sales letters is the job of a a copywriter and it would be best if you entrusted the work to a professional. There are so many freelance copywriters on the web now days that you need look no further. Just sign up on a freelancer site and get your work done for a few dollars.

Problem 4: You are unable to provide after-sales support.

Solution: Well, after-sales support is extremely important if you want your home-based Internet business to work well. If your product or service is such that you cannot offer online after-sales support and if you cannot afford to hire an employee to make calls, then you must outsource your after-sales support to another individual or a company and build the cost into your product. That way, you offer after-sales support and also pay only when it is required; you have already covered the cost!

Problem 5: You do not know how to establish a payment gateway on your site.

Solution: This is an easy one to tackle as e-commerce grows and there are just too many companies and bankers willing to offer you a payment gateway. All you need to do is sign up on their site and upload the code that they give you on your site/online shop.

In the end, remember that every business, be it online or offline, carries an element of risk. But, if you plan and execute your idea well, your home based Internet business can provide a steady stream of income for a long time to come.

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