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Running is the most efficient and beneficial form of exercise which increases cardiovascular endurance. Running is known for helping the heart and lungs to function to its optimum level and now, it is also considered to be the best way to lose body fat. It is also very easy to execute and it doesn’t need much of muscle-stretching or bending over just to achieve what we call the perfect art of running. In fact, any person of all ages and sizes can execute running even in their own backyard.

If you’ve just started running your way to weight loss, there would be a noticeable tone on your muscle, legs, abdomen and hips. Since running helps you perspire more than how you should on a sunny day, it helps you burn calories very quickly. An average ratio of the calories you could burn is from 500-1000 calories per hour. After running for about a week, you’ve already done yourself a favor by relieving stress and warding off the possibility of having osteoporosis. This is true in the sense that the bones become sturdier each running session you make.

Before picking up the pace, be sure to warm yourself up starting on a slow jog or brisk walk. After a while, change your pace from a slow jog to a moderate jog. It’s not necessary to jog hard enough to interrupt your breathing pattern. Your breathing may be hard after a solid jog of 15 minutes but you should still be able to talk to your partner or to anyone you meet on the trail. Rest if you need to, there’s always a room to catch up on your breath, although it is better to change the pace from a jog to a walk. You can maintain this 15 minute jog thrice a week for a maximum of eight weeks. After which, you can increase the duration to 30 minutes although it is not necessary. You can stick to the 15 minute jog every week since it can suffice to keep your body healthy.

The average weight you’ll lose for a running period of 12 weeks ranges from 10-12 kilograms. Running is not only the best workout for weight loss but also an inexpensive but rewarding exercise anyone can enjoy.

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12 Minute Morning Workouts For Weight Loss
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