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The discipline required for weight loss is tremendous. A lot of self-sacrifice, self-denial is involved. It’s one thing when someone deprives you of cola for any reason as compared to you’re the one depriving yourself of the cola for health reasons. Sometimes, you got to forgive yourself for doing that to yourself. Accepting the stark reality that one needs weight loss is by itself embarrassing. Getting a weight loss program means, one can’t control oneself any longer and needs help.

Independent adults do not like that feeling. Adults always need a sense of control in their lives. Unfortunately, there’s a point in weight gaining when even the most disciplined adult succumb to a cold can of cola and he just can’t help it. Heschel puts discipline to light mentioning self-respect is the outcome of this virtue. Discipline to stay in the weight loss program will bear the fruit that is a better BMI. With weight loss, risk of disease like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis or simply bad body odor will decrease. With weight loss, good health will come which means better mind, better relationships and even better *** experience. All these positive experience will bring about self-respect. This is evident because it’s easier to respect someone who in the first place respects himself.

And when a person respects himself, it is even easier to give that person the respect he rightfully deserves. Alcoholics Anonymous is anonymous precisely because being part of the group brings shame. Shame comes from the fact that an alcoholic has succumbed to the bottle in exchange for his better judgment. But good thing there’ s such a thing as AA because it offers a way out of the addiction and maybe for other, a way out of life of dissipation.

Dignity comes to a person who is able to discern what is right and what is wrong when something is right and when something is wrong. Saying no to cola takes up courage especially when everyone is doing it anyway. Human beings have a need to belong. Most of the time, belonging means doing what everyone is. Unfortunately with overweight persons, eating a burger which is what everyone is doing, is leading the body to an unhealthy state. More unfortunate, statistics today show that obesity has gone into epidemic proportions. But with discipline to endure the rudiment of the weight loss program, dignity towards one self will find its way back to a healthier person. People who get out of being obese have their lives change for the better.

Getting excess calories and fats out get them to become part of society again. External rewards are icing on the cake. The best reward is that of the internal. Health is wealth. People who get their normal weights back go through an agonizing realization of how special they are, how precious life is, and how important the struggle to get back self-respect.

Overeating strips dignity away from a person. The addiction to food is an easy road. A few days of finding out the benefits of green tea will trigger self indulgence will spell exercise weight gain. And since adults’ metabolism is slower with age, losing the weight is an uphill climb. Good thing there’s a whole industry to help. With exercise, proper diet, better food choice and the discipline to follow weight loss programs, overweight people have a chance to get their lives back and become better productive citizens.


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