Eczema Diet – Why You Should Eat Less Cooked Foods


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Eczema Diet - To eliminate the causes of eczema you must get to work on your skin. To create a positive effect on your skin you need to strengthen the cells in your body. To strengthen the cells in your body you must ensure the foods you eat are superior. To ensure the foods you eat are superior you must reduce the amount of cooked foods you eat.

If you reduce the amount of cooked foods you eat and dramatically increase the amount of raw organic plant foods that you consume you will significantly improve the foundation upon which you function, i. e. you will eventually generate healthy, strong, powerful cells and eliminate eczema and all manner of other ailments.

So what’s wrong with cooked foods anyway?

Eczema Diet – Eat Less Cooked Foods Reason #1: Heating foods above 118 degrees Fahrenheit is totally destructive. Cooking food destroys the enzyme content within the food. If you destroy the enzymes in food you impair its digestion and food particles transfer undigested to the small intestine to putrefy and poison your blood. This poison burdens the immune system - the very mechanism which must be kept robust to keep eczema at bay.

Eczema Diet – Eat Less Cooked Foods Reason #2: When you cook foods the mineral content in that food is dramatically reduced. Minerals are very important nutrients needed to nourish every unique cell in your body.

Eczema Diet – Eat Less Cooked Foods Reason #3: When you heat fat it produces transfatty acids. Transfatty acids are extremely destructive and are responsible for, among other things, hormonal imbalances. Transfatty acids are responsible for free radical damage and are implicated in cancer patients.

Eczema Diet – Eat Less Cooked Foods Reason #4: To breakdown cooked foods the body requires an ample supply of enzymes. Without these enzymes the food particles have great difficulty being digested. Everyone has a limited supply of enzymes and the more cooked foods you consume the quicker the supply is depleted.

As you have read above, cooked foods have a detrimental effect on your health in general and your eczema well-being in particular. If you wish to eliminate eczema and all manner of other illnesses for that matter you must start at the core of your being. Focus on working on your cells.

Here’s to glorious, smooth skin.

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