Indoor Waterfalls and Guided Relaxation to Stop Smoking


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Are you one of the millions of people still smoking? Chances are you've tried several times to quit without much success. Maybe you've been trying to find the best way to stop smoking, but it just hasn't happened for you yet.

If you need just one more excuse to go ahead and invest in that gorgeous indoor waterfall you've had your eye on, this is it. Smoking cessation is often successful when the person has the support of family members, is being monitored by a physician, and is using a nicotine patch, gum, or other temporary crutch to help get through the tough times. Guided relaxation, combined with all or some of these smoking cessation treatments, can really go a long way in the process of quitting smoking for good. You will pay for that new indoor fountain quickly with your savings of not buying cigarettes!

Use your indoor waterfall as a place to focus when the urge to smoke is too much. Play some CD's specially made for smoking cessation (guided imagery relaxation tapes), and make the most of the soothing, relaxing, waterfall sounds to help take your mind off of your addiction. You will be amazed at how quickly your waterfall will help you relax, focus and take a break for all the stresses that may be causing you to smoke in the first place. Indoor waterfalls have also been able to help people sleep better and more sound.

Once you've successfully overcome your addiction to cigarettes (and you will!), that indoor waterfall will continue to bring pleasure and relaxation to you and your home. In addition to the relaxation it will bring, indoor fountains come in so many different materials you are sure to find one that will be a permanent art piece in your home and will soon be the gathering place of family and friends.

Kristina L. is resource for Net Health Shops, LLC, home of the website and the blog water fountains and relaxation, writing under the names Kristina or Amber Liddell. Serenity Health offers thousands of stress relief and relaxation products including water fountains, bean bags, aromatherapy, wind spinners and chimes and much more.


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