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Are you worried about the volume of semen you ejaculate?

More semen can help you enjoy powerful ejaculations. It is not just men who measure their manhood with the volume of their ejaculate, women too consider larger volume of semen as a symbol of your male sexual prowess and virility.

Hence, if you do dribble out just a few drops of semen every time you ejaculate, its time you do something about it.

3 Ways to Ejaculate More

1. Drink More Water

The volume of semen is highly influenced by the quantity of water your drink. In reality all body liquids are influenced by the quantity of water you drink. You must keep your body well hydrated if you would like to raise your semen volume. It is therefore, an excellent idea to have at least eight full glasses of water every day.

Not only this, you have to also supplement water with other drinks like fruit juice. Pineapple juice is also known to increase semen volume. Not only this, it can also make your semen taste sweeter.

2. Eat Right

All your body secretions rely on your diet and it's no different when it comes to your semen. There are certain foods that will help you raise your production of semen. Such foods are rich in certain minerals like zinc, magnesium and selenium etc, Not only this, your body also needs certain vitamins like Vitamin C to produce more semen.

Foods that are loaded in zinc include those like oysters, red beef, birds, bananas etc,

Foods that contain zinc not only aid in increasing semen production but also ensure improved sperm count.

Recently, The Sun reported about a man who fathered a child at the age of 74 and he puts it to his affection for bananas that are loaded in zinc.

3. Natural or Herbal Supplements

Natural or herbal semen enhancers can help give the maximum benefit. Such supplements are also called Volume Enhancers for the sheer reason that they can help multiply your semen volume manifold.

There are many semen enhancers that you can buy online but the best ones are clinically approved and recommended by doctors as well. It is always a great idea to check customer testimonials before buying any supplement. Good semen pills have a huge base of satisfied and happy customers.

Such a semen enhancer mixes most powerful ingredients like zinc oxide, l-arginine, l-canitine, l-glysine, tribulus terrestris, solidilin, drilizen etc. ,

These semen pills basically make your body produce more testosterone. This is important since testosterone is the hormone that regulates the production of semen in your body. Not only this, it also controls your sex drive and erectile function.

It not only helps raise your semen production but also help augment the force with which you spurt out semen so you can enjoy powerful ejaculations. Other benefits of such supplements include increased libido and harder and stiffer erections.

So , if you want to Ejaculate More, check out the Best Semen Enhancement Pills that have become a Massive Hit with Men all Over the World.

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