New Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Uses Shock Wave Therapy


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The market for erectile dysfunction treatment is a huge one, running into billions of dollars. The market for the three major anti impotence drugs – Viagra, Cialis and Levitra -accounts for close to $3.5 billion in sales every year. Besides these three drugs, there are also hundreds of herbal supplements and natural products that promise to return your youth and vitality. There are no hard and fast estimates for the sales of these products, but they run into the millions of dollars. ED sufferers can also try alternative treatments that promise to treat erectile dysfunction.

A new treatment for erectile dysfunction patients uses shock waves to treat the problem. The research into the use of shockwaves to treat impotence has been conducted by researchers at the neurourology department at the Rambam Medical Center in Israel. According to the researchers, they used low intensity shock waves to set off or stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the penis. Earlier studies in the animals had showed that low intensity shock waves could trigger such growth. The researchers therefore decided to try shock wave therapy on men who suffered from erectile dysfunction.

Under the study, 20 volunteers were treated with the shock wave therapy. These volunteers suffer from mild or moderate erectile dysfunction for a period of approximately 3 years. They were aged around 56 years old. The researchers used a device to apply shockwaves at five different sites on the penis. It’s important to remember that these were extremely low energy shockwaves. Each shockwave applied approximately 100 bar of pressure. Approximately 300 shockwaves were applied on each site of the region over a period of 3 minutes. The volunteers were asked to have two weekly sections of shockwave therapy across a three week period. Then they had three weeks of rest, after which the same course of treatment was repeated.

The researchers found significant improvement in erectile dysfunction in 15 of the 20 volunteers. They also found no side effects from the treatment.

According to the researchers, electric shockwave therapy is not meant for all. The men who underwent the treatment suffered from impotence linked to blood flow issues and not nerve, muscle or other problems. The biggest advantage with this therapy is that it offers a more long term solution to ED. The researchers will be intensifying their study with more numbers of patients to further probe the feasibility of this therapy. .

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