How to Build a Masculine Face With Face Exercises


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It's a lot more easy to build a masculine face than you may think! Face and neck exercises provide an effective way for any man to build, sculpt, tone and define his facial features.

Think of face exercises to build your facial features as you would think of bodybuilding techniques to build certain areas of your body. It's the very same principle!

There are over 50 muscles in the face. It would be incredibly naive to think that we couldn't manipulate the facial muscles and develop a more masculine look.

So what exactly can these exercises do for you personally when used regularly?

Here are just a few highlights:

-Enhanced jaw line. You can even help define and create a chiseled jawline!
-Reduce double chin. Yes, this is a really annoying facial feature! It can be helped without surgery and face exercises provide a great way to help recede this area
-Eliminate under eye bags. Yes, believe it or not even eye fatigue can be reduced or removed with proper facial exercise techniques!
-Define your chin. The chin area gets developed during a proper, routine set of exercises

Even your cheekbones can be “heightened", so to speak, through a rigorous set of exercises.

Let's face it, today, most men want to look their best and will do literally anything to look better! Plastic surgery is expensive and carry tons of risks involved when trying to enhance areas of the face in men.

More guys today are looking for plastic surgery procedures for men that can enhance their image. Little do they know there are a few highly effective exercises that can greatly assist in this process!

And the best part about facial exercises? They WORK and do not cost thousands of dollars to perform!

After a week of daily 15 minute sessions you will start to notice a more defined jaw, chin and the neck area will be a lot more firmer. That's the beauty of these kind of exercises. . . Results are seen rather quickly!

So if you are a man that wants to build a more masculine face, you should definitely give face exercises a try!

Joey Capone is the writer/creator of the increasingly popular Face Sculptor facial exercises for men and the Men's Life Zine's Ultimate Anti-Aging, Body & Success Bible which can be found at

Joey Capone is a fitness expert specializing in sports medicine and is the editor of the popular, innovative men's health blog, “Anti-Aging Secrets 4 men" is now available FREE on the blog for a limited time.

His blog is updated daily with free quality advice on enhancing your looks, feeling your best and creating success in every area of your life! “Look better, feel better, create success" is the blog's motto!


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