Facial Exercises To Tone Sagging Neck And Jowls


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Facial exercises, when done properly can serve as a huge benefit to tone sagging neck and jowls. I prefer to call it the “double-chin" syndrome. It is one that can be easily corrected with the following exercises.

I highly recommend these three easy free face exercises to avoid double chin. If performed 3 times a week you will notice a difference after 1 week or so.

Exercise 1:Sit or stand upright and tilt your head to the ceiling while keeping your lips together but not forcing them closed. Start a chewing movement - you will feel the muscles working. Repeat the chewing movement 20 times. This is a good exercise to help rid you of a double chin.

Exercise 2:Sit upright and tilt your head looking to the ceiling while keeping your lips together but relaxed. Next move your lower lip over your top lip as far as possible and keep for a count of five. Return head to normal position and repeat exercise 10 times.

Exercise 3:Sit or stand upright and gently turn your head to the left, without dropping or lifting your chin. Turn your head until you feel a stretching sensation. Hold in this position for 5 counts and then gently move your head to the right hand side and keep for a count of 5. Repeat 3 times.

These are just a few of the more simpler, easier facial exercises to tone sagging neck and jowls and also to reduce double chin. There are some more intense facial exercises covered but I decided to illustrate these two easier ones so the beginner can see for themselves how effective and easy it is to get results with facial exercises!

Joey Capone is the writer/creator of the increasingly popular Face Sculptor facial exercises for men and the Men's Life Zine's Ultimate Anti-Aging, Body & Success Bible which can be found at http://www.menslifezineultra.com

Joey Capone is a fitness expert specializing in sports medicine and is the editor of the popular, innovative men's health blog, http://www.menshealthzine.com

His blog is updated daily with free quality advice on enhancing your looks, feeling your best and creating success in every area of your life! “Look better, feel better, create success" is the blog's motto!


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