What is Coconut Oil Good For?

Soon Chai

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When you google online for the health benefits of coconut oil, you would have seen a lot of people saying coconut oil is good for preventing heart disease and stroke, removing dandruff, improving energy, mitigating inflammation, relieving constipation, treating genital herpes, benign prostatic hyperplasia, peptic ulcers, hepatitis C, and even lowering AIDS viral count.

There are about hundreds of uses and benefits of coconut oil, from improving your internal system to protecting you externally since coconut oil is also good for skin.

Though I can't prove that coconut oil does have all those benefits, I do strongly believe that it is one of the healthiest foods cum skin care products on earth that you can ever own because after so many years of consuming coconut oil and using it on my skin, I'm convinced of its effectiveness in killing flu virus, bacteria, parasites, fungi and many other harmful microorganisms, increasing metabolism for fat loss and protecting skin against free-radical reactions, and several others.

Let me share with you a few things of what coconut oil is good for based on my personal close encounter with it rather than parroting what others are saying on cyberspace.

1. Coconut Oil is Extremely Good for Flu

I dare use the word ‘extremely’ because whenever I detect the onset of flu, I will make sure to increase my intake of coconut oil and the flu symptoms would fail to advance to a more destructive level and sometimes even disappear within a day. My family has experienced the same thing too.

2. Coconut Oil Ensures Your Bowel Movement

If you want to be assured for bowel movement, look no further than coconut oil. It is so good for loosening your bowels that it has become an effective treatment for constipation. So effective that you wouldn't want to choose anything else.

Just take 2 tablespoons and gulp it down without food on an empty stomach, and I guarantee you'll have a bad stomach cramp within minutes. But you'll thank coconut oil as you'll feel lighter and more refreshing after “swooshing" out every dirty waste from your body.

However though, I don't recommend taking coconut oil for constipation on empty stomach because the bad stomach cramp may be too intense for some people especially the elderly. So, take it with food.

3. Coconut Oil “Blocks" UV

When we were cycling in Taiwan during summer, the burning hot sun was so strong that you can easily fry eggs on the ground and serve them in just a couple of minutes. I'm not kidding.

We did not use any sunblock. Just coconut oil smearing all over our arms and necks (we wore short-sleeves) that were exposed to the scorching radiation. After a long 3 to 4 hours of exposure to the UV, our skin only appeared lightly tanned. Even after a day we still feel as per normal with our skin except for the slightly darker color.

That's the power of using coconut oil on skin as a sunscreen, thanks to its over 90% of saturated fats that can effectively stop free-radical reactions when UV shines directly on our skin.

Not only good for protecting against UV, you can also use coconut oil for skin acne. In fact, there are a lot more things that coconut oil is good for. Just use it and you'll know.

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