What Is A Kidney Stone and How To Get Rid of It

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One of the many afflictions that people have to deal with is that of kidney stones. This is an issue that effects millions of people, and can cause problems with the urinary tract. Simply put, it’s a blockage that is found in the ureter, and can cause a great deal of pain. There are several symptoms and issues that this could cause, that can lead to many people to misdiagnosing the problem. It has been reported that nearly 10% of the population of the United States will have problems with a kidney stone at one point or another. The following focuses on the overall symptoms that you’re going to want to consider.

Understanding The Symptoms

The main issue that comes with this problem is colic. The stone starts to form in the body and causes a blockage. Renal colic can create excessive sweating, nausea, and more. The pain can come in waves, and the only real relief is to remove the stone. Pain usually manifests in the left side of the body, and can be isolated within several structures of the body. The main symptoms come on over time, and can cause a person extreme pain, depending on where it is found and whether it’s blocking major elements of the ureter.

Root Causes

There are several major root causes that come with a kidney stone in the body. The major factor up front is obesity, but the second is a matter of dehydration and lack of water intake. Other than that, diet plays a huge role here. Diets that are rich in animal fat, refined sugars, apple juice, and other minerals could very well be the main problem.

The other cause could be a matter of Dent’s disease, medullary sponge kidney, Crohn’s disease, and renal acidosis. Other causes could be calcite formation, electrolyte issues, excessive vitamin intake including vitamin C, and alcoholism. Binge drinking could directly lead to a stone formation due in large part to the dehydration that comes with this.

The Treatment Options

Before any treatment can be given, a doctor has to look into whether or not the stone has formed. Most often, people will have extreme pain and will see a doctor after the stone has formed and has started to block certain areas. Clinics usually go with imaging, a CT scan, or an x-ray. They will look to see if they can see the stone and determine what they want to do next.

The main option that doctors will speak of is prevention. However, if prevention is not possible, or it is too late, there are several treatments that can help. These include, expulsion therapy in which a person will have to pass the stone through the urethra. This could be painful, but a doctor can give medications to assist.

The other option is that of lithotripsy, which removes stones in a non-invasive manner. A machine applies energy to the areas where the stones are and that helps with passing. It’s non-invasive and has been used in many clinics, resulting in a solution that takes about an hour. Lastly, there are two types of surgery that can be utilized. The main one is ureteroscopic surgery where a small device is placed in the bladder and the stone is moved, broken up and removed.

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