What are Varicose Veins and how to get rid of it

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The human body is made up of a lot of tissue, veins and more. These run through the whole body, and often times aren’t not seen. However, in the case of varicose veins, there are some problems that can manifest visually around the leg. While these are not necessarily deadly, they will manifest in the legs as the blood flows backwards and enlarge the vein size causing problems to appear overall. There are several issues that can manifest as a result of this, including deep venous thrombosis, which could lead to heart attack. There is also other symptoms and complications that can occur as a result of this issue, but most often, you’ll find that this is not a serious illness to be too concerned with.

Understanding The Symptoms

The major symptoms associated with this include heavy legs, aching, swelling of the ankle, and skin discoloration around the venous areas. Other problems associated with this include redness, dry skin, eczema, and cramps around the legs. Restless leg syndrome has also been known to be a major symptom. IN regards to complications, there are some that could feel pain, and even blood clots in the legs. In extreme cases deep vein thrombosis can occur and reach the heart, resulting in death. Poor circulation is usually the main issue, however and that’s something that should be addressed within a short span of time.

Root Causes

There are several root causes to this issue. It’s most common in women, however men have been seen to have this. The main culprit here is heredity. Genetics plays a role and often this comes through pregnancy, menopause, aging, and injury to the leg. Crossing legs doesn’t cause this, and other myths associated with this aren’t usually the case either. Circulation issues can cause this, as well as lack of mobility, obesity, and other issues that often come with working in an office environment with minimal movements during the day. Long term issues can manifest, but there are certain treatments that can help ease the issue as well as the cosmetic element.

The Treatment Options

In regards to treatments for varicose veins, most are noninvasive. Wearing compression stockings, for instance, can help with this. There are also anti-inflammatory medications that can be taken, as well as topical creams and gels that can help with the swelling and discomfort associated with the veins. Aside from compression, it’s recommended that individuals change lifestyle, increase mobility including exercise and more.

For extreme cases, people with this problem will have to go under the knife. Surgery is not always recommended but it can be a solution for those that are looking at dealing with complications such as thrombosis and embolism which can lead to death. A doctor can look at the issues and see whether or not there is a deeper problem to the veins, or if it’s just cosmetic in nature. In some instances, it’s not a major issue, while others do in fact see it as such. Most people do not opt for surgery.

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how to get rid of varicose veins

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