Difference between Urgent Care and Walk in Clinic

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If you are like most people, chances are that you most likely don’t know the difference between an urgent care Los Alamitos facility and a walk in clinic. An urgent care center and a walk-in clinic are used by many individuals in place of physician and emergency medical help room visits. Though these facilities share a variety of similarities, there are a few important differences worth pointing out.

Walk in clinic: These facilities are designed to treat common issues such as coughs, colds, strep throat and sinus infections. They are typically staffed with physicians’ assistants and nurse practitioners who are able to evaluate the patient's condition and write out prescriptions to address the symptoms. A walk-in-clinic is designed more as a neighborhood convenience, rather than a place to turn for serious medical attention.

Urgent care: An urgent care in Long Beach is very similar to a walk-in clinic, but it caters more towards patients suffering from acute injury and illness beyond the capability of a typical walk-in clinic. Urgent care Los Alamitos offers extended hours and keeps its doors open to individuals suffering from non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Patients who choose to use urgent care facilities aid in clearing out crowded emergency rooms, to help ensure that those you genuinely require immediate attention receive the proper care in a timely fashion.

Identification: Identifying which type of care is required is very important. If your situation and condition is critical, then neither option is likely suitable for your needs. Where critical issues are concerned, an emergency room will always be the best option. Adversely, a child with a common cold should be taken to a walk in clinic. Serious illnesses and broken bones should be taken to report to an urgent care in Long Beach.

Caution: Keep in mind that any visit to a medical care facility will come with a wait time. These types of facilities do not take appointments, and as such, you may happen to show up at a time that is busier than you would prefer. These clinics operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don't expect to show up and be immediately ushered to the front of the line. Like everyone else, you will have to wait. Make a decision, that suits the situation at hand when seeking out care and considering a wait time, whether you end up choosing an ER physician, urgent care or clinic.

Finding a Location: Most areas have quite a few of these facilities around; you should be able to one if you find yourself in need of care in the evening, be sure to check the hours of operation before making the trip.

Difference: When it comes to costs you will spend a little more money in the Best urgent care in Long Beach than in a walk in clinic the co-pay associated with most walk-in clinics is generally about the same as a visit to the physician. Alternatively, the co-pay associated with an urgent care facility will fall somewhere between an emergency room visit and a trip to a specialist.


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