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Sarfaraz Ali

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Diet and nutrition are the most significant factors involved in the process of muscle build up. It may involve jogging, running, bike riding and push ups to name a few.

The method of weight training is employed for building muscles, but the importance of specific vitamins and nutritional food can not be negated, without the usage of which building muscles is practically impossible regardless of the respective methods employed. The technique basically involves light exercises on a daily basis in the preliminary stages. The increment in their number is brought slowly and steadily on a weekly basis.

A regular routine should be followed for the initial couple of months, for example with around three sets of twenty each if the workout being conducted falls in the genre of push ups. The level of the exercises should be increased with every passing month, in fact after the second month it should be doubled.

Some useful guidelines involved as far as the muscle buildup is concerned have been highlighted in the next lines. The usage of machines should be sought along with weights. A proper and a healthy diet should be aimed for with focus being on the proteins. The most important tip for building muscles is to workout every second day instead of on a daily basis. Further the genre of exercise should be varied instead of sticking to a single workout kind and routine.

There are certain side effects that follow this process. If a body is over worked or under worked in some cases it is going to become tender and be easily prone to cramping. The utilization of steroids should be prevented. Further in case the individual encounters a wound and is unable to continue with his regular routine, when he starts again he will have to do so from scratch.

Sarfaraz was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, surrounded by traffic and technology. He writes mostly about diseases, the storybooks, futuristic columns, mysteries, as he likes to call it. He enjoys writing for web.

He wrote his first book (The Black Bodyguard of Stone-Pyramid) in 2003 and since then has provided the picture for 1 more title. His book was honored as a BEST SELLER.

Sarfaraz currently lives with his wife in Karachi near Seashore, about fifteen miles from the house where he was born.


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