Discover how Dr. Pankaj Naram's mother got help in healing alzheimer's with ancient secrets


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In 2004, when my beloved mother was 80, I called her up from Paris. “Mummy, I am Pankaj, calling from Paris. How are you?” I asked excitedly. She replied: “First of all, who is Pankaj and who are you?”It was like a thunderbolt as I realized that my mother was apparently suffering from the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease. In this, people tend to forget perfectly normal, ordinary things, their near and dear ones, old and new issues, etc, a sort of medical punishment that I pray God does not give even to my enemies…Alzheimer's Disease is a brain disorder which gradually destroys the ability to reason, remember, recollect, imagine and learn. It is different from the ‘mild forgetfulness’ normally seen in older people.

With passage of time, people with Alzheimer's no longer recognize themselves or much of the world around them. Depression, anxiety, and paranoia often accompany these symptoms. It can create trauma and hell for the patient’s family members. In western countries the patients are shunted to special care homes till they die with the disease. Over the past four decades, I have helped more than 15,000 people overcome Alzheimer. But when it came to my own mother, I felt very nervous and edgy, almost losing my self-confidence. I suggested to my brother Vidhyut that our mother should be immediately administered one tea spoon jaggary and one clove of garlic daily. In addition to that she should be given 1. healthy memory,2. Herbal antioxident tablet twice a day. She should also undertake sound sleep.

“Mix everything together and give it to her twice a day. At the same time I shall give her some Marma, ” I advised.
Believe it or not, today our mother is a healthy 86 years. Her memory has returned with remarkable sharpness. Her awareness of everything around her is astounding. She has become a wonderful senior citizen, walking upright, clear thinking with a sharp memory and the entire family is rejoicing at the change in her personality.

I suggest that anybody in your family - above the age of 50 – found suffering from memory loss or some brain-related problem, can start this time-tested formula.

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