How to deal with a sore throat without medication


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Sore throat is a major problem in winter. The reason for this is that during winter appear more viruses that weaken the immune system and make it vulnerable to various diseases. Most often subjected to attacks by bacteria and viruses throat. Therefore, it reflects a disease before it is carried to other parts of the body.

High temperature also directs disease and inflammation of the throat and is very important to download it to acceptable standards as soon as possible.

What should you do if you experience sore throat or fever
Most important is to stop any type of stimuli that may be the cause of your illness. So we need to stay warm at home and not go for any reason.

It is important to be protected and your immune system not to be subjected to more attacks to be able to cope with the disease.

Foods that can help you

Food is very important to cure a sore throat because the body needs more vitamins and nutrients to fight the source of the disease. The safest treatment is natural because any cure by natural means the body builds immunity and in the future is much more difficult to capture the same disease and therefore if you rely on drugs every time you get sick, will suffer more often because your body will learn to cope with external assistance.

The most important are vitamins C and E, you can get them lemon or citrus fruits. Other important foods are fish, chicken, meat or milk. Eat with as many vegetables and fruits.

They are a major source of nutrients and vitamins for your body. Do not underestimate the power of food with them will recover more quickly than with drugs, but recovery will be much easier for the body to defend itself in the next attacks by viruses. Above all, whatever treatment you choose, we recommend you consult with your personal physician.

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