Typical Doses of Herbal Treatments for Depression


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As with traditional medications, herbal dietary supplements also come with recommended doses. The herbal treatments for Depression are becoming more and more popular and available. A word of caution however, just because they are natural does not automatically make them any safer or more dangerous than traditional drugs.

St. John's Wort is a well known and fairly popular herbal treatment for Depression. The best form of St. John's Wort contains 5% Hyperforin (the antidepressant compound) found in this herbal supplement. The daily dose is based on the severity of the depression in an individual. For mild or moderate depression, 900 milligrams is the recommended dose and for severe depression, 1800 milligrams. Taking St. John's Wort in 450 milligram capsules seem to work best.

5-HTP is also known as Hydroxytriptophan. It is a natural amino acid that is abstracted from the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant. Taken alone it is best taken in doses ranging from 150 to 300 milligrams. When 5-HTP is taken with St. John's Wort the dose is 25 to 100 milligrams (of 5-HTP). Amoryn is a combination of St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, vitamins and other mood related nutrients.

The best herbal supplements are those that are made of pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Not only do some supplements from New Zealand meet this recommendation, they go further. Each ingredients metabolic path is checked at the molecular level as well as the interactions of the ingredients. This entire process will tell you a few things. It will tell you that it is among the highest quality of this type of supplement. This also ensures that the ingredients that are said to be contained within the supplement are exactly what are in it.

The unfortunate news is that the quality and the claims of herbal dietary and nutritional supplements are not regulated so the best choice is to look for the above qualities in any supplement you are considering. Also, you should always consult a medical professional before adding anything to your current regimen.

Depression is an insidious illness. Left untreated it can lead to despair which in turn can possibly lead to death by suicide. Depression that only lasts for a couple of days is probably something that you can recover from quickly. It is however, typically said that if you have sadness, loss of interest in your usually enjoyable activities, sleep problems and eating disorders that lasts longer than two weeks, than this is something more serious and warrants getting help in whatever form possible.

Depression can lead to irrational thinking and a flat line of emotions-no highs or lows. Getting help is definitely advisable and when it comes take the help. You have the choices to make. Note your symptoms and their duration for your doctor. This will help find the right treatment geared to your own needs.

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