Type II Diabetes Specific Supplements Revealed


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Type II diabetes specific supplements include those that everyone needs everyday for overall good health. In addition, manufacturers have designed some specialty supplements to prevent diabetes type II. The natural supplements mentioned here have a history of use in the treatment of high blood sugar levels and they have clinical or laboratory evidence to support their effectiveness.


Like many conditions, being overweight or obese increases the risk of developing adult onset, maturity onset or type II diabetes. Researchers have been excited about Banaba extract because it not only lowers blood glucose levels, but also seems to lead to weight loss. Thus, Banaba is an ingredient in some of the better diabetes specific supplements.

Prescription drugs designed to control blood glucose levels typically lead to weight gain and other side effects. Consumers looking for natural supplements to prevent diabetes should look for products that will not lead to water retention or lower metabolism.

This supplement alone may not improve insulin activity or lower blood glucose levels, but when combined with the other ingredients mentioned below, manufacturers believe that consumers will see positive results. Some of the newest products even have a no-risk guarantee.

Banaba has a history of use for diabetes control in countries in southern Asia. Laboratory research supports the effectiveness of Banaba extract as one of the diabetes specific supplements. Scientists have found that it stimulates glucose transport and has an “anti-obesity effect”.

Bitter Melon

Over 30 published studies support the use of bitter melon supplements to prevent diabetes type II. In the Philippines, bitter melon tea, along with other natural extracts, is used for controlling blood sugar levels, particularly among the poor.

In India, bitter melon is commonly referred to as “plant insulin”. Scientific evaluation has shown that the plant contains a protein similar to bovine insulin. The purified extract has been used in small studies to sustain patients with type I or insulin dependent diabetes.

Scientific evaluation has shown that bitter melon extract may reduce the risk of complications associated with diabetes by its antioxidant activity. In animal studies, researchers have shown a significant decrease in fasting blood glucose levels after 30 days of use.

Green Tea

With a history of use in numerous countries to relieve, prevent or treat a variety of health conditions including high blood sugar levels, health claims concerning green tea often seem too good to be true. But, published research concerning diabetes specific supplements continues to support its effectiveness.

Health care professionals debate the active component of green tea. Some say it is merely the caffeine. Others believe it is the catechins, polyphenols or antioxidants. Scientists often strive to find the active component in plants, when it is likely that health benefits are derived from all of the components or their interaction with other compounds within the human body.

Taking green tea supplements to prevent diabetes type II may be beneficial in several ways. In animal studies, green tea extracts have been shown to enhance glucose tolerance.

Chronically high blood glucose levels eventually damage the kidneys and other organs of the human body. In animal studies, green tea extract appears to reduce glucose toxicity and reduce kidney damage.

Numerous complications are related to diabetes. One complication is cardiac dysfunction or heart disease. The exact cause of these complications is unclear, but one theory is that high blood sugar causes oxidative stress in the heart and aorta.

The results of a study published in 2006 indicate that green tea stops the oxidative stress, thus protecting the heart from damage. The researchers concluded that green tea may prove to be a useful option for preventing and reversing the oxidative stress associated with diabetes.

Another study, published in 2006, showed that green tea improved glucose metabolism and enhanced glucose tolerance. Again, this was an animal study, so most health care organizations will not rely on or validate the results. But, when it comes to diabetes specific supplements and other health supplements, clinical research is almost never conducted.

Research costs money and is typically funded by drug companies, who cannot patent a naturally occurring substance, and so have no interest in conducting the research. Often, when evaluating the effectiveness of a natural remedy, critics will say that there are no long-term or large clinical studies to support the use of supplements to prevent diabetes or other conditions.

While this may be true, there are often no long-term or clinical studies to support the safety of prescription drugs. Many are recalled after being approved for use, because of dangerous side effects and even deaths. Botanicals, herbs and plant foods have a long history of safety and effectiveness, except in those who are allergic to a particular substance.

A newly published “small” clinical trial supports the effectiveness of green tea supplements to prevent diabetes. The study consisted of 60 men and women whose blood sugar levels were higher than normal and classified as “borderline diabetic”. After two months, measured levels of A1c hemoglobin (used to identify plasma glucose concentration over prolonged periods of time) were lower and, as an additional benefit, blood pressure levels were lower, as well.

Other Supplements to Prevent Diabetes Type II

Other type II diabetes specific supplements include Black Cumin Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, and Myricetin, Piperine, Quercetin, Rutin, Milk Thistle Extract, Indian Valerian Extract and omega 3 fatty acids. This is by no means a complete list, as many supplements may be helpful. To learn more about them, please visit the Diabetes Type Two Info Guide.

People who have been diagnosed with borderline diabetes will likely benefit the most from type II diabetes specific supplements , since they may improve insulin sensitivity, naturally lower blood sugar levels and prevent the development of full-blown diabetes and the complications that can accompany it.

Patsy Hamilton was a health care professional for over twenty years before becoming a health writer. Currently she is writing a series of articles about type II diabetes, a subject of personal interest.

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