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When a company manufactures their own cigars, they take time and many hours for work to produce a perfect cigar. Although making these cigars requires hard work and dedication, let us not forget about growing the tobacco plants. This alone takes more work to cultivate a good crop. This knowledge pushes the company to succeed and grow only the finest in fillers for their cigars. This helps the company to offer customer satisfaction.

With quality above everything else, Padron cigars use this principle within their business practices. They offer affordable prices; quality cigars and guarantee customers will come back for more cigars. This makes Padron cigars a great company that supplies us connoisseurs with fine tobacco products. Different tastes and a smooth but yet strong draw; these fine cigars offer a delightful taste.

With the increase in cigar companies with higher prices, Padron cigar should have raised their prices, but stick by what they believe in, customer satisfaction without high prices. This alone helped Padron cigar stay in the running with some of the other leading manufacturers. They never put the customer second. The company operates on high regard for taste, quality and the customer’s likes and dislikes.

Padron cigars

are a privately owned business with satisfaction being the only way to stay in business. The entire family gets involved in the everyday production of their fine cigars. If you wish to see their website and view their products, visit www.padron.com or send them an email at info@padron.com. Mailing them a letter goes to 1575 SW First Street, in Miami, Florida 33135 or call toll free at 1-800-453-5635 for further information. You can also fax the company at 1-305-643-2138.

If you want to find Padron cigars, other websites also carry their brands. They are:


There are many more shops that carry Pardon cigars other than the few listed. You can simply search for one that offers low prices and shipping costs. You will find a cigar that meets your requirements in a fine cigar at Pardon cigars or other websites. A smoking pleasure has never been easier when you choose to smoke Pardon cigars. Visit one of the websites or their own website to inquire about receiving some of these fine tasting Padron cigars for a flavor you have never tasted before. Sit back and enjoy a fine cigar with a fine glass of wine.

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