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There are many reasons why some people shun chemical cures for a variety of ailments and seek out natural remedies for depression as well as other conditions. Depression is one of medicine’s most frequently diagnosed ailments and the mortality rates for those with depression is almost four times higher than those without it. Before seeking out and experimenting with a natural remedy for depression, it’s important to know that you do, in fact, suffer from depression. A deficiency in Vitamin B12 has shown to cause effects which appear like depression. Some studies have indicated that Vitamin B12 can appear to be a natural remedy for depression when in fact the patient did not suffer depression, but a lack of B12.

Some studies also suggest similar results for those with Vitamin C and Magnesium deficiencies. It’s been noted that reduced serotonin is present in depression and that Vitamin C is the catalyst which transfers tryptophan in to serotonin. Similarly, magnesium levels have been shown to be lower in a person with depression than in a control group. Studies concluded that simply ingesting Vitamin C or magnesium reduced the symptoms of depression, but were not conclusive to be determined that depression was present to being with and can’t conclude they should be used as a natural remedy for depression. Licensed in Germany and other European countries, St. John’s Wart is a top seller as a natural remedy for depression. How it reduces depression isn’t fully understood, but some theorize that different complexes in the extract work together to help as a natural remedy for depression. Ginkgo, while not a first choice cure for depression has shown to be helpful for elderly patients whose response to traditional antidepressants is insufficient. Those treated with Gingko as a natural remedy for depression for a period of eight weeks saw the average Hamilton Depression Scale score drop from 14 to 7. In a control group which was given placebos, their score dropped one point.

Physicians with a more nutritionally-based orientation towards treatment believe the natural remedy for depression are simply a good, balanced diet. They recommend against refined carbohydrates and a low sugar diet. This has shown helpful to those who suffer the symptoms of depression either in the morning, late afternoons or if they missed a meal. Remember, though, all practitioners recommend a proper diagnosis before any type of treatment.

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Depression Natural Treatment - Natural Cure for Depression
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