How to Keep Your Pool - Spa Safe


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Swimming pools and spas can create an endless supply or happy memories and good times. However, a pool or spa can also be a deadly temptation for children and pets. Drowning deaths in home pools and spas is the fifth leading cause of children under five.

Responsible pool owners must make sure that safety precautions are made to ensure that their pool is a source of joy and not a painful reminder of a tragic event. The following are some basic safety precautions that will ensure that your pool or spa is as safe as it is fun.

Never Leave a Child Unattended
Many swimming pool accidents happen when someone goes inside to use the bathroom, answer the phone, etc. It only takes a few minutes for something bad to happen. No matter the age of the child, never leave them alone even “for a minute. ”

Fence Your Pool
The best way to ensure the safety of your pool is to have it completely surrounded by a fence at least four feet high. The slats in the fence should also be small enough to ensure that a small child can’t squeeze through. The gate should have a spring that automatically closes it along with a secure latch that is out of the reach of curious hands.

Educate Everyone
You should have a clearly defined set of rules for your pool that everyone understands and follows. Rules should include things like no pool entrance without a parents supervision will help make sure that everyone is working together for a safe pool.

Inflatable Toys are not Life Preservers
If there is anyone in your pool with questionable swimming skills they should have an approved flotation vest. Floaties, tubes and wings are no substitute for an approved floatation device.

Safety Covers
If you have children, you should have a childproof cover that completely covers all access to the pool and prevents unauthorized removal. This will also protect any pets that accidentally stray into the area.

Remove Toys
Any toys left in or around the pool create a dangerous temptation for young children wishing to explore. Get in the habit of removing all of the toys from the pool every time you are done using it. This will help keep curious tots from wandering into danger.

These suggestions when combined with common sense will ensure you’re your pool provides a safe and fun environment for everyone.

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