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For many people the cause of acne remains a mystery. There remain many myths about the cause of acne from genes to greasy foods. The truth is that there is no real known cause for acne that has been established. The factors that can make acne bad are known by skin care specialists but that’s about all that is known. The question still left unanswered is what leads one person to have acne and another free from it.

As stated earlier many still have the belief that acne is due to genetics. The thought is that if you have parents who struggled with acne as teenagers then you will too. For these people there is no surprise if their teenagers also suffer from acne.

The onset of acne for many acne sufferers is puberty. This has lead doctors to assume androgens are the cause of acne because these hormones are increased at puberty. The fact that androgens enlarge the sebaceous glands also seems to back that thought. Enlarged sebaceous glands lead to increased sebum which has the effect of clogging the pores and causing acne breakouts. There is also some school of thought that says certain drugs like lithium can cause acne as well as cosmetics. Cosmetics is believed to make acne worse because it is grease based and causes hair follicles to stick together leading to clogged pores which leads to acne.

Still myths about acne abound. There is the myth about candy and chocolates leading to acne breakouts. This is simply not true because it has little effect on acne breakouts. Although there is evidence to prove that long term change in diet helps reduce acne.

There are also those who believe that acne is the result of dirty skin. Again this is false as the factors to be concerned about when it comes to acne are hormones and grease. Cleaning the skin will not reduce or get rid of acne unless it reduces the oil on the skin. This is because oil on the skin is a leading cause of acne.

It is important to realize that the next time an acne sufferer breaks out with acne it is not due to some underlying cause like food or candy and other myths like that. The main culprits of acne breakouts are hormones. Understanding this will help acne sufferers’ deals with acne better and more effectively.

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